Hello all have you been gaslighted so long you didn’t even realize you’ve been gaslighted? Or is it just me?

The other day  I googled “gaslight phrases” and to my surprise it was all the phrases my ex-husband, the  father of our 17 year old son, had  been using on me for years .  I just thought this was how he communicated to me. The Narc favors the phrases “that didn’t happen,” and, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

As a result…. Our son suffers from chronic “Parental Alienation” because The Narc and his mother have talked bad about me in front of our son for years. It’s sad to say that I’ve lost my son to this. Has anyone else had this happen?

My best strategy for The Narc is to simply “Gray Rock” him.

I came up with the idea to write down the creative gaslighting phrases that he had used on me and just shove the phrases back at him. I’m literally shoveling his own shit back to him.

My boyfriend came up with the idea to try and sell these cards.  “Gaslighting phrases.” My boyfriend hired an awesome graphic designer and created a  gaslighting website. He has been working so hard on the website.


As you can see on the website The Narc is an excellent gaslighter!!!!! I want to sell his phrases to you!!!  We had fun taking these photos last week. Please I need to raise money for therapy sessions for my son and I !!!! GASLIGHTING CARDS ARE $20.00 a pack!!!!

Please take a look at our website and consider buying a pack today!!!! Thank you for reading and happy gaslighting!!!!!