Gaslighting Zone

The Story

I didn’t even know until I googled it.

“What is gaslighting?”

Hey! That’s what X says to me. All the time! I just thought this was how he communicated to me. His favorite phrases are “That didn’t happen” and  “I don’t know what you’re talking about”

I’ve been coping with this man for 17 years now. I divorced him because when our son was a year old X went to Montreal and slept with prostitutes. Even better, I found out on my birthday. Then X took a credit card out in my name and used his mailing address so I wouldn’t know.

Now X says, “Why can’t you let go of the past?”

Gray Rocking was my best strategy for dealing with him.

Then I came up with the idea to write down the gaslighting phrases he used and just give the phrases back at him. I’m literally shoveling his own shit back to him and it’s much more fun.

My boyfriend came up with the idea to try and help others with my collection of “Gaslighting Cards” and the Gaslighting Zone was born.

The Blog

Validating Reality

The Narc always wants to be in control of the story. Sometimes he is the Hero and other times he is the Victim. The Narc bends reality by claiming that I did things I didn’t or he leaves out things I did. Even now that I understand he is Gaslighting me I still just...